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the mnemosign
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fuel: imaginative creative thrust, spontaneous surrealism... a personality construct and energy experiment maintained by .:rokkitz:.

the mnemosign is stirring, but he is not yet awake, just kind of lying there with one eye open. occasionaly utterance of some mumbled phrases, and he rolls back into sleep... for now, he's comprised of non-sequitor connectors, dream-like vignettes and segues into nothing. and perhaps that's all he could ever hope to Be - the thing between the mirror and the man, the reflected path trailed by the gaze. he might be described as a friendly ghost in a gas mask, or a cowled and robed monk(ey) with features lost in shadow, or other descriptors which point to layer upon masqued layer... a nonconsexual symbol that perhaps has even forgotten his own appearance as well as gender, made up of overlapped staccato ellipses. but it does get lonely between the cracks of language and memory. please add him to your friends list.

remember... remember... remember... remember... remember... remember...

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Jorge Louis Borges: Library of Babel (LABYRINTHS), The Immortal, Tlon Uqbar Tertius Orbis
Julio Cortezar: Hopscotch
Umberto Eco: Name of the Rose
Italo Calvino: Cosmicomics, Invisible Cities, Difficult Loves
Neil Gaiman: Sandman, Neverwhere
Frank Herbert: Try To Remember (EYE), The Dune Chronicles
The Geometry and Genesis of the Labyrinth, Patrick Conty

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